BOARD MEETING: Denise Clark, Ken Hurst, Katie Riecken, Ron Kolb, Roy Adams, Greg Minnette, Jeff McCutchan, Mickey Hammers & Alan Fleischmann

****Minutes from January 24th, 2018 Board Meeting****

Meeting opened 6:05 p.m. Archie & Clydes

1. Motion was made to approve December Minutes by Ron Kolb and seconded by Ken Hurst.
2. Motion was made to approve December Financial Report by Roy Adams and seconded by Denise Clark.
3. January Meeting people made lots of comments about how good to meeting was and the program. Katie got emails about it at the contact email address.
4. Jeff McCutchan is still talking to Bob Farmer about past Presidents list.
5. Greg Minnette brought some old flyers that we used to use and hand out to people about our club and we discussed having them redone to give to prospective new members.
6. Katie brought to our attention that United Fidelity is charging us monthly for the Art Bayer account. Ron Kolb made a motion to close the account and add it to the regular checking. Just show the balance of it separate. Alan Fleischmann seconded motion, all in favor.
7. Tim Swinney is bringing is model pilot house for tours at the Cummins meeting. He will give us some pictures that Katie can use for the website and emails to promote the meeting.
8. We do not have a definite location for the March meeting. We need to check with Lincoln Turnage on the meeting location.
9. Our next board meeting will be held at Tin Fish.
10. Meeting was adjourned by Alan Fleischmann and seconded by Roy Adams.